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Are We Engaged?

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

No, I don't mean like, did you just get some "bling-bling?" I mean really, as a citizenry, are we engaged? I can think of one specific group who is ready, able and willing to toot the "played out" party horn for more welfare, government employees, taxes and temper tantrums. What about the rest of us?

Are we able and willing? I know I am. I have been volunteering for a few years now and I look left and right, struggling to find more people like me. Where is our outrage? Are the local, state and federal issues hiding behind the loudness so well that we cannot see the county being overtaken... the state...the country? Blech!

Let's hope my foreshadowing is just a frustrated, pessimistic rant, and only that...shall we?

The thing is, I need to tap into your emotions. I need you to be outraged. I need it so you'll be upset, like I am.

I am a parent -like others- who refuses the government-run schools. I became disengaged and comfortable voting straight tickets. This means, I filled in the party bubble, just like the dreaded scan-tron test sheet (yeah, don't lose your place). Then I became one of these people with, "voter's remorse," because I didn't vet candidates who appeared on my ballots. I didn't go to candidate forums. I didn't ask the hard questions. It was easy not to,

I don't want you to have remorse, like I once did. I don't want you to vote a certain way simply because I gave you a palm card, or asked you to print your Sample Ballot. Don't listen to the loudest voice in the room, newspaper or television. Listen to your intuition. I want to challenge you to do your research, talk and write about politics and learn where you stand on issues and why. Articulate your position to me. This will shape us into a well- informed citizenry. Then, we can engage. We must.

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