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Refuse To Be Devoured

The saying goes, "If you're not at the table, then you're on the menu," or does it? Either way, we get the gist, although I am now picturing a scene from the flick, "Fried Green Tomatoes," as the character Idgie Threadgoode deals with a problem and customers rave about the restaurant food.

Investigator: “Why... this about the best barbecue I ever ate!”

Sipsey (the cook): “The secret’s in the sauce.”

Sometimes, there are dark, morbid risks associated with being at the table, mind you.

Speaking of tables, I have been invited to serve as Director Of Education for newly formed nonprofit civic organization called, "The Table Project," with their website launching soon. While attending the meeting last night, led by the bright and intelligent Lana Witt, personal testimonies arose from attendees. Young Nona reported her elation after recently qualifying for NC's Opportunity Scholarship Program. The reason as to why Nona decided to reject her son's residentially assigned school was due to divisiveness she observed taking place in his second grade class. The family was appalled to learn the teacher encouraged Nona's impressionable son to self-identify if he belonged in the girls or boys line and this was just one their alarming occurrences. So, she did what any normal parent would do. They looked for alternatives.

Speaking of alternatives to residentially assigned schools, you too can apply -as Nona did- to this K-12 school choice program by clicking here, or come back to and click the black button for the Opportunity Scholarship Program on my site and begin the process. You'll eventually need a school. I have a button for that too. I am here to help!

Financial help to the tune of $4,200 per school year is available to income-eligible applicants and I was able to apply from my cellphone. Unfortunately, I was denied as I did not meet the income requirements, but I mainly wanted to test the site and determine the level of difficulty: it is pretty easy. Here are those requirements.

If the income eligibility graph doesn't make sense, fret not. You can still apply and it costs nothing to do so. What have you got to lose?


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