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Educating Without Limits in a World Full of Limits!

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

We need to embrace those who are different and the bullies need to be the ones who get off the bus.” Caren Zucker, co-author of In a Different Key.

“Connection is what moves this world forward. Connection is a profound human experience.” – Jenny Palmiotto, The Therapist Shift

“Nowhere am I so desperately needed as among a shipload of illogical humans.”

– Mr. Spock

I have always believed that the systematic way in which kids are taught and trained to learn was archaic, unnecessary and stifled creativity and individuality. Even as a child in middle school, I couldn’t understand how conforming to some of the school’s policies was exemplary of a “great student” when I’ve always believed that in order to be great, you MUST be allowed to shine at your best and when you discover what makes you unique.

I’ve worn uniforms (hated it!), been told by a teacher that I ranked low on the learning curve and should be transferred to “remedial class” (this judgement was passed due to the fact that I didn’t know the difference between the words couch and chair on a standardized test – they were both places in which to sit down to me) and experienced EXTREME anxiety on EVERY standardized test I’d ever taken!

These vexations were experienced some 20 years ago and here we are many years later and it seems as if I’ve stepped into a time machine and circled back circa the 90’s era. Unfortunately, not much has changed! I believe this is due to the fact that we still have archaic-minded individuals in leadership roles within the k-12 education sphere who still believe in the “one size fits all” model of learning. The “one size fits all” model, implemented many years ago, is still a basis for how kids “should be learning and behaving” in today's education system.

The quotes I listed above not only describe the lack of connection and understanding we have for human beings as a whole, but they also emphasize the need to eliminate the traditional “brick & mortar” minded individuals from decision-making positions and support the approval to replace these individuals with unique, SANE & modern day thinkers!

While I currently operate and educate students in my own private school, I taught in public school for a couple of years as well, and of course experienced various learning methodology in my youth in different school settings. I was home-schooled for a period of time (loved it!) and attended traditional and magnet public schools. I can honestly say that I did NOT experience the stress of learning while being home-schooled that I experienced in public school. I didn’t lack friends and went on to graduate college and became successful in my adult years.

After experiencing the one-track minded type of learning in my youth, I decided my children were NOT going to have their creativity and talents pushed aside, discouraged, or hidden away just because an educator did not see things through the child's lens, or believed there was only one way to solve a problem.

"I vowed to create an environment in which kids’ talents and creativity can shine through without the pressures they would normally feel in a brick and mortar learning environment."

No one should dictate how an individual learns. I completely support a families' choice to spend tax dollars on an education they find suitable. I sincerely believe that if the family decides to pursue other education options for a child (in lieu of the traditional public school) then their hard earned tax dollars should follow the child, giving the family every opportunity to succeed.

Now, don’t misunderstand me, I believe that EVERY child has a right to an education which exceeds parents’ expectations. With that being said, if public schools were to significantly change, then they would be great environments in which to send children to prepare them to be individuals and not robots in this society.

"However, it is my belief change can only happen once those who are in favor of this archaic way of thinking are replaced by forward, passionate thinkers who are ready to place the needs of families above the need to fulfill a quota or satisfy a budget."

Tabitha is a mom, educator, owner of Rising Stars Private School and our featured guest blogger. Show her support by letting her know you liked her blog entry!

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