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Leftist Organization Demands More Money From Families

NC Association of Educators helped hold schools hostage during the 2020 pitfalls and is now coming for your wallets.

You might remember the NC Association of Educators helped hold schools hostage during 2020 pitfalls and actually got caught playing naughty games, documented here. You might also realize Wake County Government -namely, the Commission and School Board- supports this organization and talks about "fully" fund government-run schools, while working hard to oppose any other educational option your children might get a whiff of. The deck is stacked against families ... for sure. This doesn't mean we should roll over and play dead. We need pressure points. Families must become vocal and physical; speak up and show up. Parents shouldn't be afraid to tell corporate media what happened to little Johnny in school today. Be cautious and expect the school district will look glamorous, and you will be marginalized by the time you're done, but you will have inspired other families like yours to be courageous. My friend, Dr. Taylor likes to remind us "courage is contagious," Let's examine the teacher's union tactics for siphoning money from pockets without you ever even noticing, shall we? Exhibit A: They started a petition (Big deal ) ... ... and be certain they will brag about all those (unverified) signatures later. Petitions are a method of collecting info on all those people who signed on the dotted line. BTW subscribe to to receive occasional updates about NC educational freedoms. They are getting petitioners to act (maybe)... contacting three political bodies. Notice here they mention the Wake County Commissioners, School Board Members and Legislators.

They're telling you what they want (all the money)... ...they'll never admit to wanting all the education dollars in NC, but that is the goal. It doesn't matter to leftists if we have to take on debt, because they want your money regardless. Bonds are debt!!!

Exhibit B:

More money ... O, and squash nonpublic-school-competition-force-them-to-be-like-us .... and much, much more money sums up this part of NCAE demands.

Exhibit C:

Never ending benefits cost taxpayers a lot of money. Just ask NC Treasurer Folwell and he will tell you all about it. We cannot just reinstitute benefits without looking a the fiscal ramifications. C'mon NCAE! Alright, let us get back to it. We are quickly back to more demands for money. O, we never really left ?

So there you have it. Don't sign petitions unless you really know what is being asked of you. If you have read anything I have written the past few years, then this is snooze material for you. Pass it on to your friends in case they think of a way they'd like to apply pressure, as mentioned earlier.


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