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NC Teacher's Union President Tamika Walker Kelly Weighs in on CRT in K-12 Classrooms

What do you think about Walker Kelly's comments on Critical Race Theory?

Who should we believe... parents or political activists? If you know a teacher who feels pressured to join the NC Association Of Educators, please inform him/her that the deadline to opt out is September 30. Give teachers a raise by letting them know they don't need to waste their hard earned money by being a dues paying NCAE member.

What I've Been Up To

You probably know by now I happily give lots of time, love and energy to expanding educational freedoms in North Carolina. What does this look like? Well, it's a mixture of writing, answering calls, responding to website inquiries, guiding families, contacting politicians and action-action-action!

If you care to join in these efforts to help school aged kids, then know your help would be monumentally appreciated! I am always looking for collaborative writers, parent/student stories, video content and community leaders who are willing to coach families who make the leap from government-run school to a different sector... like homeschooling ... or an affordable private school ...or a brand new charter school!

If you care knowing anything about where your tax dollars are going, then realize NC lawmakers are gearing up to give government schools another free pass. In the budget, they are planning to hold them harmless when you withdraw your children in 2021/22 as they did in 2020/21. It seems the government-run school system will bully, be pushy, forceful, unsafe or just plain old dysfunctional, which leads you to withdraw your kids (rightfully so) ...but the system keeps your dollars regardless. Aaaah!!! This is crazy! The dollars are for educating children. When I switch internet providers, my money doesn't continue funneling to the company I dropped for bad or lacking service. Instead, the dollars go to the new service provider! This should occur in K-12 education and if it did, parents would have a mechanism to hold schools accountable for wishy-washy mandates, dishonoring exemptions, bad policies in general and isolating young children.

These schools literally have zero incentive to improve, treat students with dignity, or listen to concerns of parents. It's a total dumpster fire!

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