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No Candies, Chocolates, or Sweeties Here

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Dearest readers,

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I want you to know you are all very dear, indeed. It takes special people with the will to fight hard for educational freedoms for children to stay in- tune with this issue. I hope your holiday is especially decadent and your kid gifts you with a heartfelt, handmade card!

Below is a not-so-sweet legislation compilation, regarding NC education.

Why isn't it sweet, you ask? While, at a glance, the long list seems to have something for everybody in the education space... some are forgotten.

These are K-12 bill highlights and many have a broader scope than portrayed in this quick glimpse.

S 36(=H 42) Covid 19 Relief Bill Mod extends application deadline for $335 grant

H 32 Equity in Opportunity Act helps expand, improve and rename existing scholarships

S37 In-Person Learning Choice for Families defining in-person instruction, vaccines, school reopening strategies

S78 A Safe Return For In-Person Learning defining in-person instruction, vaccines, school reopening strategies

H 79 Student Digital Learning Access NC DPI digital learning data dashboard for transparency, updates, records maintenance

As you can see, there's not much activity lately, except on opening government schools. There is much to be said about what families can do when that option is interrupted, or chaotic, as had occurred in March 2020.

Do you have something to say about K-12 education? Please reach out!

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