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One-Time K-12 Grant for NC Families

Hopefully, you didn't miss the epic news that the NC legislature passed H1105, followed by the NC Governor who actually signed the bill into law. For the school choice nerds out there like me, it was a thrilling afternoon to listen to the NC Senators volley comments back and forth ... and sweet sorrow to hear public servants bid their colleagues "goodbye" as the session adjourned. I couldn't believe it when fellow mom and advocate Rebecca communicated the Governor-who fights against school choice options 98% of the time-would announce he signed the bill into law. Folks in the school choice community surely thought it would get the veto. If you missed the great news, know that a small, one-time, lump sum of money will follow NC families.*

With an Election only a hop, skip and a jump away, families must realize who supports students versus who supports a system.

If families would advocate for their education tax dollars to follow students, they'd be in a much better position when it comes to K-12 education. If you are tempted to disagree-that's fine- but I urge you to ask yourself how well your school system is currently serving children.

Your tax dollars should follow your children to the school of your choosing, because chances are you're paying big bucks in taxes and your children only get one shot at an education. Alternatives must exist and resources must be sent back to families if their school is failing, so as to ensure another solution exists.

Take the time to read the Grant details and imagine having monetary burdens removed every year until your child graduates high school, not just a year during a pandemic. Then, take action on behalf of marginalized children.

The State of N.C. is now awarding grants of $335 to eligible individuals with at least one qualifying child. If you filed a state return and reported a qualifying child, no further action is required. If you did not file, you can apply by October 15.

About On September 4, Governor Roy Cooper signed into law the Coronavirus Relief Act 3.0, which was passed by the North Carolina General Assembly. The law includes the Extra Credit Grant program to be administered by the North Carolina Department of Revenue. According to the law, the purpose of the program is to “use funds from the Coronavirus Relief Fund to help families with qualifying children in North Carolina by providing economic support to assist with virtual schooling and child-care costs during the COVID-19 pandemic.” The grant amount is $335.00 total for each eligible individual, even if the individual has two or more qualifying children.

  • NCDOR will award a grant to eligible individuals who report at least one qualifying child (age 16 or younger) on their 2019 state individual income tax return; spouses who file a joint state return count as one individual.

  • Eligible individuals who have filed their state return and reported at least one qualifying child do not need to take any action to receive the grant. 

  • An individual who did not file a 2019 state tax return solely because the individual’s gross income for the 2019 taxable year did not exceed the state filing requirements for the individual’s filing status may apply for a grant.

  • An applicant must meet the all requirements referenced in the law, including having at least one qualifying child age 16 or younger for the 2019 calendar year, to apply for the grant by October 15, 2020.

Contact Information North Carolina Department of Revenue

PO Box 25000 Raleigh, NC 27640-0640 General information: 1-877-252-3052 Individual income tax refund inquiries: 1-877-252-4052


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