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Teens, Your Rebellion Awaits

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

School Choice proponents declare education tax dollars follow students. When scholars return to brick and mortar schools, picture their uniquely stylish backpacks, laden with keychains or sharpie marker drawings and instead of being filled with books or electronic devices, they're filled with money, allotted specifically for his or her education.

When visualizing meaningful change in K-12 education, politicians seem to throw a bone here and there.

Corporate media retches the union message: "More of your money will fix it." They'll say. "it is for the common good." and "it's only _____ dollars a month. Where do I sign up?"

Unfortunately for students, it seems families have accepted defeat; they tend to think spending more improves the government-run education system, yet we see the truth in the nation's report card, or NAEP scores.

Our earnings continue to be siphoned away only to benefit a system, not the student. When our kids are failed, we are we punished by having to pay twice; taxes and tuitions.

School Choice does not lay siege against government-run monopolies as misguided "Unionistas" claim, but it does seem the system is threatened by these programs which benefit children.

It makes sense; the focus of school choice is students, not systems.


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