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Schools Synonymous With Headaches

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

We can consider schools to be businesses, although not the most effective, since government-run schools continue to receive more tax dollars whether or not children's educational outcomes improve.

If you have not already fully rejected your neighborhood school system by now, are hoping your kids will someday have a classroom to return to and are wondering how to acquire in-person instruction for more than 0- 2 days a week, consider contacting your school board. Yes, even your charter school has a board.

Go to your school website and begin exploring. Review documents which are called "meeting minutes," to catch up on missed school board conversations.

Observe and participate in what is occurring in your school board meetings. Get your comments added to the Official meeting record. Stay involved. For instance, one concerned parent recently told me,

"We need in-person instruction because our daughter now experiences headaches as she is having to watch so many online recordings as part of her school day."

Yikes. Disrupt this vicious cycle. Find parents, grandparents, teachers and students who can relate to you and form coalitions. Petitions don't win wars, but with a good strategy and a few warriors you might make meaningful gains.

Similar to the covid vaccine- and I'm not saying I am for or against it- demand exceeds supply. Kids and their parents need options and only have a few places to turn for in-person K-12 educational options.

It is time parents (and students) fight for options they desire and there is plenty of room for virtual, in-person or hybrid educational options but a singular hard and fast mandate should not be forced on a variety of individualized, young learners.

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