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Yes You Can

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Everywhere I see frantic comments from parents/guardians. I hear kids say, "yeah, my mom says she might homeschool us this year." Then, I follow up with mom and she says, "Oh, no,no,nooooo. He means homeschool ... like the online stuff they did in March this year." Oh. That's not homeschooling . That's crash-course Covid craziness! Why is there so much confusion about what parents can do about school this year?

First of all, if your schools are letting you down, why not do something about it? It's not Mr or Mrs. What's-Her-Name's fault. It's just that, well, big decisions and opportunities lie ahead. Now is the time for parents to decide what will work best next year. In two income households, will a parent stay home and forfeit income for the sake of a healthy environment (covid-free), or prioritize moral upbringing, or even a more robust education than the online bare-boned offerings we've seen lately?

Yeah, I know, I know. You don't want to homeschool. I know! I know! "Not everyone can homeschool." Well, I didn't exactly set my sights on this kind of life either, but through all the tween and teen struggles, I'm glad I did. I know my life would've been easier, more predictable and more lucrative in my former dental profession.

Second of all, decide what's off the table. I've updated the North Carolina School Choice website because I think it might come in very handy for you and all your friends, and your friends friends in the state of NC. You need to know your kindergarten through twelfth grade education options.

It's almost as though the government wants to keep you guessing. It's painful to watch. Really.

I honestly cannot believe someone other than me hasn't stepped in to help guide parents and guardians, other than a few social media groups.

Please visit the website to learn more, subscribe and invite a friend.

Your options might seem complicated and confusing, but realize you need to decide what's off the table for your family. Do you want a tuition-free option? Yes? Ok.

Government-run school system

Charter school


Do you want to use a private, nonpublic tuition-based school? Yes? Ok.

Religious school

Nonreligious school

Hybrid school


Online school

The huge dilemma -it seems- is the NC Governor.

That's right. It's July 13, 2020 and we are waiting for him to decide the fate for all the children in the state. Wait... what? No. This nonsense is perhaps why so many have gone onto the NC Department of Nonpublic Education's website and broke it on July 1, "due to overwhelming submission of of Notices Of Intent (NOI). " This means NCians are taking the leap to homeschool! After following up every day since the crash, I learned the NC DPNE has posted new hours for parents to make it known they wish to join the homeschooling sector. Go homeschoolers! I'm proud of you all!

Believe it, or not, you don't have to have credentials to know how to raise up your children. Parents have been doing this gig pretty steadily since the nineties(and well before that!). One large drawback to homeschooling is your tax dollars don't benefit your child. Don't worry! Your tax dollars will get to benefit other people's kids. Seems fair, right? The local county demands your taxes each year and sends a hefty chunk to the government-run schools . Then, teacher unions still complain they don't get enough of your money. even though spending has increased. Well, that's the beauty of special interest groups. They have an insatiable appetite for cold, hard cash.

A $600-1000 one-time state voucher or Education Savings Account would've immensely helped parents and guardians pick up the homeschool baton and run with it, but I guess we will wait a little longer, like Rose waited all those years to chuck the hope diamond off the boat. Ugh.

Third of all, when will parents/guardians and taxpayers see their value and realize they're not being vocal enough? What are we leaving the next generation with in terms of education? How long will we keep going on tolerating the nonsense handed down by government? What will it take for you to start demanding a quality education, North Carolina? Perhaps you already know it is going to take more than 2 or 3 days in the brick & mortar building you were formerly accustomed to.

If schools stay closed, then so be it. Tax dollars need to benefit children and not the defected system that has shutdown (or not operating on all cylinders). During covid-19 when hair salons shutdown, we learned how to dye own own roots and spent a fraction on what we formerly spent in a salon. When cleaning supplies were sold out on grocer shelves, we made our own supplies. When schools stop serving educational needs, why should your money keep flowing in that direction? It shouldn't. Let's start being more vocal... together. If you have questions, please contact!

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