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Angela Humphries

A wife, mother and an advocate.


I didn't pick school choice; school choice picked me. I am an on-the-job-trained surgical assistant, but left my career to give more time, love and attention to my daughter before she went off to kindergarten.


I found myself assuming a role as a part-time volunteer at my daughter's school but one day, I came to a point when I realized I was surrounded by several caring and involved homeschool families. 

I became a walking, talking "school choicer." In grade K. we enrolled in our assigned school, then we tried a brand new public charter, then homeschool, and now we outsource education by paying tuition to an out-of-state private, religious school.


There's a massive gap in knowledge about the topic of school choice and I hope to fill that gap by collaborating with families and reciprocal organizations.


I interview people and meet them where they are, whether it be the public charter educator very content with her salary at $50k, or the teacher's union worker who thinks I'm a fake teacher because I homeschooled my daughter for a few years, or the school board politicians who call people who want options "segregationists."


I speak to and listen to all sides. and I will call them out for their hypocrisy. 


I am committed to helping families and informing everyone about their K-12 educational options and freedoms. I invite you to join me in telling North Carolinians that education tax dollars should follow their children to any school of their choosing!





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