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1000% American

Updated: Nov 24, 2019


North Carolinians should be well acquainted with Mark Robinson after his dauntless comments to Greensboro City Council in 2018. He's one of several candidates contending for the NC Office of Lieutenant Governor.

Finding Americans standing up for their beliefs seems as rare as Charlie Bucket’s finding the Golden Ticket for entry into the Wonka Factory.

Mr. Robinson’s following comments are yet another bold testament to his strong character and advocacy for independence.

"I am 1000% for school choice. I believe the best way to get more parental involvement in education is to open the market and give parents MULTIPLE choices on how and WHERE to educate their children.

I likewise believe that home, private and charter schools should be protected from undue government pressure, which makes them difficult -or impossible- to operate.

Bottom line? We must give parents every means available to educate their children as THEY wish. Monopolies are horrible for consumers and DISASTROUS when it comes to healthcare and education."

We appreciate Mark Robinson's advocacy for school choice in North Carolina and encourage candidates, parents and students to follow suit.

If you know a pro school choice candidate, contact us! Don't forget to subscribe.

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