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Community Engagement II

Updated: Nov 24, 2019


This is the second and final installment of an interview from Wake County Public School student. Read the first installment to view the instructor's description of recent field trips, vetting of the assignment and verification of the student, followed by Q & A between myself and 10th grade student, Isabella Nesbeth.

Nesbeth: If you are a home schooling parent why do you continue to fight for a matter that doesn’t directly affect you?

Humphries: All residents are investing in public education when they pay ever-increasing Wake County property tax bills, therefore every person should provide input and deserves to be heard by his elected representative. The pattern of ignoring families must end.

School choice opponents must consider the possibility district schools aren't a good fit for everyone and wait lists flooded with names are something in need of attention and action.

If charters save tax dollars and families want their offerings, we should build more. If families leave district schools, then we should invest less in this regard.

Nesbeth: What suggestions do you have for the school board?

Humphries: The school board must evaluate why so many have pulled out of Wake County Schools and why parents demand choice. 

The board should consider stepping aside so that parents may choose what best suits their family. Instead, this board interrupts opportunities of new public charter schools and also intends to spend tax dollars to market homeschoolers.

Nesbeth: What are you looking for from the schoolboard? In terms of benefiting its school system?

Humphries: The school board lacks leadership and quite frankly, it's disturbing that members want to propel themselves into State and Congressional seats. Based on recent community engagement, parents are battling one issue after another with this school system.

Public servants shouldn't wait until after board meetings, skirt around the cameras and microphones, then talk to the citizens. The board members should take initiative and address public comments and engage the community, as other board members do in NC.

The attorney or board should never interrupt a citizen's three minute petition to address his grievances.

The school board should cease the authorization of closing schools county wide  to launch a one party rally on the lawn of the legislature. 

The school board should cease the authorization of employee income to be drafted to send payment drafts to union affiliates, or political organizations.

Every NC child has a right to a public education, per the NC Constitution. When families refuse a broken system, their investment dollars should follow their child to the next school.  It's the least we could do as a society which desires to benefit future generations(2/2).


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