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Are your children still stuck in a school that is forcing your kids to take medical tests, wear masks, take experimental treatments, or adapt to whatever THEY want instead of what YOU want for your children?

Parents have accepted their powerlessness. It is not a tricky thing to spot. We continue to compromise. We continue to wait. We rationalize bad situations by echoing phrases like,

"Next year it will be better... "
"It will all be over soon..."
"We only have one more year until Graduation"

No way! Quit kicking the can down the road. Don't expect favors. To stop bleeding, one must apply pressure. After over a year of doors slammed in the faces of families, North Carolina K-12 students still have insufficient options when it comes to education alternatives outside the residentially assigned schools.

Listed below are a few NC school choice bills, which I STRONGLY URGE you to advocate for. otherwise, expect to remain powerless. Make the decision today; stop letting people siphon away your tax dollars and totally silence you when you wonder what kind of an education your kids are receiving.

NC Senate Bill 671

Changes to the K-12 Scholarship Programs .

NC House Bill 32

Equity in Opportunity Act.

NC House Bill 616

Charter Replication Act.

NC Senate Bill 297

Homeschool Tax Credit

NC House Bill 644

Remote Academies

Call NC lawmakers and ask what they are doing to expand educational options for students: 919-733-4111

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